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Did you know that not all bees live in colonies or build hives in which to live and nest? Many bee species are solitary – they live alone and build their nests in tiny places like hollow stems and holes in wood. Though they do not make honey, solitary bees are absolutely necessary as pollinators of crops and flowers. These bees are usually very docile and peaceful, very reluctant to sting.

Bee hotels are a great way to attract more of these beneficial pollinators into your garden while helping to give the bees a habitat that will aid in boosting their declining populations. A bee hotel contains materials that bees like to nest in, like wood drilled with holes, hollow bamboo stalks, and other materials that mimic the bees’ natural nesting areas. A bee hotel can contain a huge variety of materials or just a few, and can be large and elaborate or small and simple. Size really doesn’t matter, since each bee really only needs one hole in which to nest.

Read more via 27 Incredibly Beautiful Bee Hotels (And Why You Should Build One) | Off Grid World

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